If you have customers from different countries, you can add the different currencies you deal with and set their exchange rate.

Insight: Zoho Subscriptions supports all currencies for offline payments. You can also view a list of all the supported currencies for online payments via payment gateways.

Add New Currency

To add a new currency,

Add new currency

Edit Currency

Editing the currencies that you’ve added allows you to make changes to the Currency Symbol, Decimal Places and Format.

To edit the currency,

Edit currency

Add Exchange Rates

For every currency you add, you have to provide an exchange rate for your base currency for calculation purpose. exchange rates for each currency have to be added manually to your Zoho Subscriptions accounts at periodic times. Updated exchange rate entries will help in accurate calculation of currency gain or loss. If you want to automate this whole process, click here.

To update exchange rate for a currency,

Add Exchange Rate 1

Add Exchange Rate 2

View Exchange Rates

To view a list of past exchange rates entered for a specific currency,

This can be a good synopsis on the exchange rate fluctuations. You can also add a new exchange rate or delete an existing rate from this page as well.

View Exchange rates

Import Exchange Rates

You can also import exchange rate instead of manually entering them. To import exchange rates,

Import Exchange Rate

Export Exchange Rate

To export exchange rates,

Export Exchange Rate

Fetch Exchange Rates Automatically

Zoho Subscriptions allows you to automatically fetch the exchange rates for all the currencies that have been added in your organization. The exchange rate will be fetched in real-time from our service provider Open Exchange Rates with respect to the base currency of your organization. They provide real-time exchange rates for more than 165 world currencies.

Follow the steps below to enable this feature:

Fetch Exchange Rates Automatically

Delete Currency

To delete a currency,

Delete currency

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