A central presentation repository for distributed teams

Build a more cohesive workplace and boost your brand image with Libraries in Zoho Show, a cloud storage tool for all your organizations' slides, templates, and fonts.

Bring departments together, build a stronger brand

Empower your teams to work smarter, not harder by simply repurposing any slides or presentations added to the central Organization Library. Enable collaboration across all departments, and ensure the consistency of your brand.

Assign role-based permissions

Provide access to presentation resources to everyone in your organization based on their role in the company.

Monitor and keep track of changes

Stay updated on changes and additions made to the library by team members, even from those working remotely, with Show's centralized approval flow.




Resources for every presentation need

Whether it's a slide, font, or template you wish to use, we've got libraries for them all.

Template Library

Standardize successful company presentations by adding them as a template. Client-facing teams now have a common place to share slide designs and content ideas.

Slide Library

Add and repurpose commonly used slides like a Title Slide or your company's About Us slide to significantly cut down the time your teams spend recreating resources.

Font Library

Don't go searching for your brand font every time you create a presentation. Organize, store, and view all your company fonts in one place.