Deliver visually impactfulhigh-qualitytop-notchimpactful
presentations on a
larger screen

Keep up with workplace trends and upgrade your meeting rooms with the Show app for Android TV.

Present on the big screen and make a lasting impact

Present crucial data like infographics and charts on a large screen to make a lasting impression with your data. Use the Show’s app for Android devices to make a compelling pitch for business presentations.

Deliver captivating slideshows with high-quality visuals

Showcase your pitch with high-resolution slides. Present without compromising on the quality of your visuals with the Show app for Android TV.

Set your slides to Auto-Play mode

Transition between slides without manually controlling your presentation. Set your slides to Auto-Play mode for offline events like conferences and seminars.

Deliver presentations in Offline mode

Give your audience an engaging presentation experience without worrying about poor network connectivity. Download your presentations in advance, choose from your offline presentations and deliver the presentation in Offline mode.