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  • Streamline

    Minimize redundant processes and link important ones

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Simplify administration

With Zoho People's highly-customizable structural functionalities, it's much easier to manage specific allowances for transport, educational materials, etc. Forms can also be set up for relevant requests.

Coordinate with your staff, no matter their role

Zoho People lets you take charge of diverse employee roles, comprising administrative, teaching, and non-teaching staff, whether permanent or contract. Configure their correspondent permissions, and manage their attendance according to your needs.

The notification board for everyone

Zoho People's feeds and notifications ensure that important information is disseminated throughout the organization. Teaching and non-teaching staff, curriculum developers, administrators, and others can coordinate through Groups to work on common duties.

Identify the skills your people use to make a difference

Retain and nurture your best educators, coordinators, and administrators through Zoho People's comprehensive performance review functionalities, which allow you to identify KRAs and skill sets where staff can maximize their potential.

Direct lines of communication between staff and HR

Zoho People's Cases establishes a way for busy staff members to address their queries and requests directly to the HR agent, sorted by category. Integrated chats also allow staff to further a conversation with HR.

  • The productivity of our HR department has increased by 200% since the launch of Zoho People. With a few keystrokes, we can find relevant information, transaction details, documents, policies, etc. on each individual employee and the company as a whole. Saves insurmountable time and resources as a collective, digital warehouse for our HR requirements.

    Catalina Robu - Project Manager

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