Zoho Analytics - User Review

Zoho Analytics is a low cost, cloud business intelligence solution that can be up and running in minutes. It is simple for non-technical personas yet deep enough for true technical pros to deliver enterprise-wide solutions.

"We like that it quickly integrates with other applications so we can pull reports together without having to build them ourselves."

"The ability for the software to pickup our custom fields - it has replaced the need for a full ERP system and is saving us tens of thousands of dollars annually."

"Compared to Tableau which wanted to charge us to build our reports and then required a per-user license fee - Zoho Analytics is super affordable and easy to get up and going with."

Zoho Analytics is a cloud based BI service that compares well with many prominent BI platforms. It comes with a rich visual environment, interfaces to a large number of data sources and applications, strong embedding functionality, and functional extensibility.

"The fact that Zoho Analytics is user-friendly makes my job easier. I can now have automated reports and can schedule emailing which comes in very handy."

"The easy way to create reports, charts and dashboards that access your data and give you visualizations for great insights."