"If anyone sees me hyperventilating over here in a corner, I blame the incredibleness that is @zoho analytics. My life has been changed."

"Been playing with Zoho Analytics today - give it a few CSV files, set up some relationships and BOOM! Reporting, sorted.. pretty cool"

''@Saadie complex relations and lots of complex calculations. Zoho Analytics looks good so far. :) "

"If you run a business, like numbers, spreadsheets, charts and databases then you really can't beat Zoho Analytics."

"Given the apparent power of http://analytics.zoho.com I am surprised how *little* chatter it generates."

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Data should be useful and also Beautiful. Check the intelligent and elegant new dashboards you can now create with Zoho Analytics @zohoanalytics #AnalyticsForAll

Now, this makes things interesting. Was a good product. Looks pretty impressive today. We need a powerful tool that is scaled for smaller, less tech-savvy businesses and this could be it. #AnalyticsForAll #ZohoAnalytics

The new dashboards in Zoho Analytics look stunning. New features including Geo Mapping and Heatmaps.

I love features of @zohoanalytics. This is geo visualisation of companies that did some business with us (@inchoo) in 10 years. Ok, it includes companies that purchased tickets for 3 conferences we organised. :)

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@zohoanalytics has matured a lot is the last year. It's a well rounded #BI and data biz tool now #zoho


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@zohoanalytics has matured a lot is the last year. It's a well rounded #BI and data biz tool now #zoho

The tool @zoho that I have seen more evolve this year is analytics: integrations with other vendors, local databases, suggested reports. #datascience #bigdata #ZohoInspire #ZoholicsMX2019

Want to know the real analysis from the huge chunk of data you have. Want to know the details of your sales or issues check Zoho Analytics. A lot of pre-built analytics to make ur work easier. Real-time query and forecasting. #Analyticsforall #zoho

Over 200 partners now integrate with or extend @HubSpot's Platform. Here's some of the fastest growing integrations: @zohoanalytics.

Hugh DurkinDirector of Platform Partner Success, HubSpot.

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#ZohoCX blending all data from all zoho apps into one analytics space is terrific! At last we can combione the closed won results from the sales funnel with the actual invoices.

Been using this platform for a while but recently they exceeded my expectations

The Engagement Insights are amazing! As is the Audience Figures! We don't know how to thank you enough, guys! We are so speechless.