Personalize your emails with Merge Tags.

Address your recipients by their names, add videos in your emails, generate unique coupon codes for each recipient, and much more.

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Stop sounding robotic. Greet customers by name.

Customers are more likely to read emails that address them personally. Change the tone of your emails by using merge tags to greet each customer by name.

Create a personal connection with your leads.

CRM merge tags help establish a relationship between your leads and your sales team. Give your leads a point of contact by emailing them from the same sales person every time.

Add videos to your emails.

People are attracted to visuals more than blocks of writing. With video merge tags, you can add variety to your email campaigns by sending videos to your customers.

Let your customers spread the word.

Reach a bigger audience by letting customers share your content for you. Add social share tags to your emails so customers can share them with their social networks.