Market Research Advanced Analytics

Analyze data from across SurveyMonkey, Social Media, MailChimp or any other business app. Offer analytics to your customers on survey analysis, competitive intelligence, NPS, customer satisfaction reports, and much more in your brand name.

Online Market Research Tool & Analysis Report - Zoho Analytics Dashboards

Ready made BI analysis tool tailored for market research agencies.

1 Million Users. 30 Million Reports and Dashboards. 1 Reporting Service


Connect to any data source

Connect to your data in the cloud or in-house. Analyze data from files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, and popular business applications like SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, MailChimp, Social Media, etc.


White labeled analytics portal

Host your fully rebranded market research analytics portal for your clients' access. Customize your portal with rich design elements like login page, header, and your business logo.


Embedded BI

Provide instant market research data analytics for your clients by embedding personalized, interactive reports and dashboards within your application.


Survey analysis

Dive deep into your survey data. Present your clients with rich reports and dashboards that would enable them to take the next move in their business.


Competitive analysis

Get hidden insights from the market research competitive analysis data. Help your clients to stay ahead of their competitors.


Email marketing campaign analytics

Effectively analyze the impact of your clients' email marketing campaigns. Track their open rates and click rates, and facilitate them in planning their email marketing strategies efficiently.


Collaborative analytics

Develop & analyze market research analytics reports together with your team and clients. Share with each other privately. Embed/publish your reports and dashboards for wider consumption.


Highly secure

Governed by Zoho's strong security practices including support for redundancy and backup. Encrypted connection ensures that your data is secure and safe.

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Jeroen Mahler, Managing Director, Cobrowser

"Zoho Analytics White Label Solution gave us the confidence to process high volumes of data and keep our clients easily informed."

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