Build a form without breaking a sweat

Create forms with ease using our form creator software that's designed to accommodate users with no coding experience. Add and personalize form fields according to your individual needs. Generate custom reports to view and analyze all your form submissions.

Pick from an array of fields

Collect data efficiently with the help of 30+ field types. Each field in the form maker has customizable properties that make your forms unique. These fields are optimized to protect the privacy of your respondents and safeguard any sensitive information.

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Validate form responses

Urge respondents to avoid duplicates or repetitions in their responses. Field validation clearly indicates fields that may be marked as mandatory, such as name, terms and conditions, and more by pointing them out to respondents.

Divide forms into multiple pages

Simplify complex forms by sectioning them out onto multiple pages. Structure forms to contain relevant fields or questions on each page and ensure that respondents are directed to the pages with questions that pertain to them.

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Save now, resume later!

Give your respondents the freedom to save partially filled forms and complete them at their convenience. Ensure that no data is lost so form filling is an easy task instead of a tiresome one.

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Skip unnecessary steps with conditional logic

Redirect your respondents to the relevant question or page based on their answers. Set rules to hide irrelevant information in the form, and provide a customized form filling experience for each respondent.

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Create repeating sections with one subform

Allow respondents to add multiple entries and line items within a single section. Create simple online order forms by applying values and formulas to elements in your subform and ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

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