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Take small business expense tracking to the next level with Zoho Expense

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Small Business Expense Tracking Challenges

Manual data entry
Lengthy reimbursement time
Frequent travel policy non-compliance
Poor visibility into spending patterns
Need to reduce expense-processing costs

Zoho Expense solves these hurdles easily

Scan your expense receipts

Autoscanning Receipts

Reduce unnecessary hours on manual expense entries. With Zoho Expense in your pocket, your employees can take a picture of their receipts or send their e-receipts to Zoho Expense, and find the relevant data extracted automatically.

Reimburse employees digitally

Time Saving with Approval Flows

Save a great deal of time through setting up automated approval flows, enabling the right approvers to see the right reports, enforcing faster response time.

Policy compliant small business expense tracking

Control Over Non-Compliance

Curb unnecessary and fraudulent reimbursement claims by creating expense policies and generating detailed statistics on where your expenses are going. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Small business expense tracking with analytics

Visiblity with Analytics

Explore your Travel and Entertainment spending data with more than twenty different analytical reports and find out where each cent of your money is going. Strategize your spending patterns the smart way.

Report expenses with zero paperwork

Reduction in Expense-Processing Cost

When your employees make an expense reimbursement request, respond to their claims swiftly, through paperless automated services.

That's not all. There's more.

Automate tax processing

Tax Calculations

Zoho Expense lets you set up tax percentages and automatically applies the tax to your expenses saving you precious time and effort in expense calculation.

Stay informed with workflow alerts

Customized Workflow

Clear communication between small business owners and employees is the key to business growth. Set up personalized workflows and establish transparency in communication between you and your employees.

Manage your customers and projects

Customer & Project Management

Managing customers and their associated projects within a single system keeps your workflow organized. Also, you'll also be able to track expenses spent for your customers and bill them, if necessary.

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