Most popular integrations

      • Zoho CRM

        Schedule workflows, automate notifications in Zoho Creator, and enhance your sales and customer engagements with Zoho CRM.

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      • Zoho Books

        Integrate Creator and Books for smooth end-to-end accounting with invoices, financial compliance, and much more.

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      • ERP integrations

        Custom integrations with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor ERP, J.D Edwards and other ERP systems is easier with Zoho Creator.

      • Zoho Invoice

        Automate payment reminders with Zoho Creator and get payments faster with professional invoices from Zoho Invoice.

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      • Paypal (Payments)

        Leverage Zoho Creator to accept and make payments to your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, all with Paypal accounts.

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      • Twilio (SMS)

        Send instant notifications via SMS to your customers with Zoho Creator's built-in notification system and Twilio.

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      • SharePoint

        Migrate your legacy applications on SharePoint to Zoho Creator.

      • External Databases

        Zoho Creator is well equipped to integrate with various DBMS such as Relational databases, NoSQL databases, Cloud databases and much more!

      • Salesforce

        Have a customized app, but your CRM is Salesforce? Don't worry, Zoho Creator works perfectly with Salesforce, allowing you to blend data and automate workflows.

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      • Zoho Recruit

        Recruitment is now easier with Zoho Creator handling all your automation and data. Use Recruit for exclusive hiring needs, such as LinkedIn integrations, converting hires to employees, and more.

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      • QuickBooks

        Use QuickBooks for accounting? Your customized Zoho Creator app can integrate with QuickBooks, helping you manage accounts, generate invoices, and automate payment reminders.

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      Other key integrations

      • Google Workspace

        Use Google Workspace extensively for your business? Zoho Creator can automate your workflows, schedule notifications, provide customer portals, and much more.

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      • Zoho Subscriptions

        Manage your customer subscriptions by integrating your customized app with subscription billing software, Zoho Subscriptions.

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      • Zoho Sites

        While your website built on Zoho Sites remains the front end for your business, Zoho Creator can help you run your operations at the back end, too.

      • Zoho Analytics

        Analyze and visualize data with Zia—Zoho's AI-, ML-, and NLP-equipped intelligent assistant—in Zoho Analytics.

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      • Zoho Desk

        Zoho Creator helps you run your business at the back end, while Zoho Desk makes handling customer support tickets easier.

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      • SMS Integrations

        Zoho Creator is built to send SMSes from your customized app through services like Clickatell, Hoiio, ClockworkSMS, Screen-Magic, and Nexmo.

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      • Payment Integrations

        Zoho Creator's integrations with payment services, such as Stripe, Razorpay, Authorize.Net, Payments Pro, Forte, and Payflow Pro make digital transactions across multiple channels easier.

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      • Google Calendar

        Zoho Creator allows you to create events on Google Calendar.

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      Custom Integrations

      • API Calls

        Zoho Creator allows API calls to multiple other apps. This can be done by connections or invoke URLs.

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      • Zapier

        With Zapier, connecting Zoho Creator with 100+ other apps is child's play!

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      • Zoho Flow
        Zoho Flow

        Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect your apps without any code. You can now use Zoho Flow to integrate your Zoho Creator apps with 400+ apps without any hassle

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      Zoho Creator can help change employees' perspectives on the use of computers or software. It helps save money because you can add more functions or integrations just by programming some code. It's a magical thing.

      Eduardo Chief Developer, Kumi Motors

      The application also integrates with our existing accounting application, Oracle E-Business Suite, to manage fund allocation and track spending across different verticals.

      Jojo Guingao Chief Digital Officer, Aboitiz Equity Ventures

      By integrating the app with the website, details about every bike sold are now automatically updated in's database—a move that reassured customers about their bike's safety.

      Ryan Moskal Operations Manager, Mission Bicycle

      Avid Pays CRM (built on Zoho Creator) is integrated with Google Apps and is used extensively by Avid Pays to track the location of sales reps and customers.

      Clint Baller CEO, Avid Payment Solutions