A top-ranked university digitized all its academic processes with Zoho Creator

"With more than 20,000 students, course registration used to take weeks. Now it happens within two days—and without a single sheet of paper changing hands."

Prof. C.Muthamizhchelvan, Director, SRM University

Start with forms, create an online database, and end up with a full-fledged mobile app

  • Collect data
  • Personalize UX
  • Hide and show
  • Mobile forms
  • Share and embed
  • Restrict entries
  • Prevent errors
  • Email entries
  • Collect data

    Collect and organize data, your way

    Capture any type of data. Drag and drop form fields and completely customize the way your data is structured.

  • Personalize UX

    Deliver personalized experiences

    Ask smarter questions by dynamically customizing the form based on values entered in previous fields.

  • Hide and show

    Collaborate without compromising

    Your data is instantly and simultaneously available to everyone. Show users only what they need, and hide everything else.

  • Mobile forms

    Empower field workers

    Employees can now add and access data from where they work: on the shop floor, in a customer meeting, at a construction site, or doing a field repair.

  • Share and embed

    Use them anywhere

    Share your forms via email, text, and mobile apps—such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram—with a single tap. Just copy and paste the embed code into your website, app, or your own HTML code.

  • Restrict entries

    Restrict entries by time, location, and IP

    Set start and end dates, maximum entries, and geographical boundaries for forms. You can also prevent users from accessing your forms a second time.

  • Prevent errors

    Maintain a clean, efficient database

    Capture error-free data by auto-validating fields with contextual alerts. And access data from other forms and business systems to prepopulate current forms without duplication.

  • Email entries

    Submit data via email

    Each form in your Zoho Creator app, by default, has an email address. Your users can then send an email to this address to submit their data.

3 ways to get started

Create from scratch
Import existing data
Gather priceless insights
Customize prebuilt templates

Create a free form

Turn submissions into starting points

    Custom emails

    Trigger automatic emails and notifications based on form completions.


    Gain real-time insights from gathered data.


    Plan out a course of action based on these insights.


    Deliver data in any format you need.

Work with AI-enriched data

  • Discover data patterns that even trained professionals don’t always catch.
  • Unearth key insights that would otherwise be trapped in massive data mines.
  • Detect the sentiment in human feedback and notify stakeholders.
  • Just scan documents to digitize them.

Add AI Without Coding

Enterprise-grade data management

Gather priceless insights
Centralized system

End of duplication

The forms and apps you build on Zoho Creator share the same database, which means you can look up and add information across them without duplication or additional integration.

Massive scaling

Update hundreds of records with one click

Write a single workflow to trigger hundreds of actions—and save yourself hours of drudgery.

GDPR ready

Stay secure and compliant

We have validated compliance and security, so you can have peace of mind.

Build advanced forms without coding

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