The employee communication platform for digital workplaces

Centralize all your internal communications and provide a modern intranet to engage employees and amplify the company's culture.

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Enable open communication to strengthen your work culture.

With familiar features like social-media themed Feeds, Chat, and more, Connect ensures that every team member can share ideas, provide feedback, and stay up-to-date on company news, improving transparency and creating a space for dialogue across hierarchies.

connect FEEDS

Virtual company newsrooms

The company wall lets you provide a steady stream of news and updates from the organization. Share them as announcements or pin them on top of the wall so everyone knows what's going on.

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f-townhall TOWN HALL

Town Halls for leadership engagement

Build transparency and trust by conducting regular AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with management. Provide a conducive space for employees to learn more by holding Q&A sessions on any subject with a relevant topic expert.

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f-poll FEEDS

Improved employee communications

With social features such as posts, likes, shares, and comments, employees get to express themselves in a centralized communication space. Provide more context with our rich text editor and multiple post types like questions, announcements, or polls.

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Real-time team communications

Create team chats to communicate in real time. Through one-on-one chats, video calls, audio calls, and screen sharing, employees have the chance to communicate across the organization and build meaningful relationships with other employees.

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Boost company-wide collaboration.

Employees need access to team spaces, knowledge bases, files, automation tools, and other apps that facilitate them working together. Connect ensures maximum productivity by bringing all of this to a centralized collaboration platform.

Unified Collaborative Spaces

collaboration Groups

Unified Collaborative Spaces

Give your employees the space to pool perspectives and team up to move work forward. With a built-in knowledge base, file repository, form-based apps, and calendar—in addition to video conferencing and integrations—Groups provide the ideal space to collaborate seamlessly.

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Manage your schedule

c-schedule2x EVENTS

Manage your schedule

Create events, customize event types, track RSVPs, and start or schedule video conferences, meetings, screen sharing sessions, and remote presentations. Carry an updated schedule anywhere you go through the Events calendar.

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Customize and automate workflows

c-customise CUSTOM APPS

Customize and automate workflows

Create simple, form-based applications to gather data from your employees. Be it registering details of new hires, managing a list of vendors, or booking travel, the possibilities are endless to automate recurring jobs while your employees focus on their goals.

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Task Management

c-taskmngmn TASKS

Task Management

Translate ideas into actionable work plans through Boards. Break goals down into tasks and create sections to categorize them. Assign tasks, set due dates, customize fields, track the progress of work, view charts and reports, and work efficiently to achieve shared goals.

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Create a centralized archive of information.

c-knowledgebase2x MANUALS

Your organization's collective knowledge base

Create an environment for sharing and learning by building a knowledge base. Get employees in your network to share their expertise and curate them as Manuals other employees can draw from when needed to learn something new.

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c-doc-management FILES

Online document management

Bring all your files together in one place to enable easy accessibility of information. Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations collaboratively using the built-in editors.

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Extend collaboration beyond your intranet.

Increase capabilities through Integrations.


Zoho Connect offers integrations within the Zoho ecosystem with Meeting, ShowTime, WorkDrive, Projects, Sprints, and others as well as with popular applications like Zapier, MailChimp, Trello, and more.

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Bring your external collaborators together


As your business expands, you'll frequently have to collaborate with consultants, contract employees, interns, and anyone who adds value to your work. Add them as External Users and control what they access within your network.


Embed websites within the network

c-network c-network ZOHO

Websites that your employees refer to often or consider a source of information can be added as tabs within Connect, so all the information they need can be accessed from a single space.

c-network c-network2 ZOHO

Craft pleasant employee-first experiences.

Improve employee engagement while creating safe and inclusive spaces for employees to share their ideas, opinions, and feedback and work across teams. Allow them to network across hierarchies to build trust and promote a healthy work culture.

d-employee-engagement FORUMS

Drive employee engagement

An internal Forum lets you hold broader discussions and crowdsource solutions from within while keeping employees engaged. Create topics to streamline posts, and provide a lively water cooler space by allowing employees to share articles, generate light-hearted content, participate in discussions, and bond as an organization.

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feature SURVEY

Transform your culture through employee feedback

Create positive feedback loops by regularly conducting surveys to gain insights in to how engaged or happy employees are at work. Select from one of our existing templates or design your own to take the pulse of your organization.

Measure usage and manage your network.

Through analytics, policies, permissions, and customization options, understand how users interact in your network and create a platform that suits the way your organization operates.

  • Directory

    Sync users from your Active Directory or Zoho Directory to your network.

  • Customization

    Make Connect truly yours by adding your domain and customizing the logo and colors.

  • Policies & Permissions

    Define the scope of members and external users in your network.

  • Moderation

    Monitor the content that members share to keep sensitive information under wraps.

  • Data Export

    Secure your data by backing up your team's conversations, forums, manuals, and files.

  • Analytics

    Get the numbers and insights on the most active groups, users, posts, comments, and forums.

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