Cliq Integration with Zoho Desk

Keep your support team aligned with the rest of the teams in your organization. Together, Zoho Desk and Cliq help your support team build better customer relationships.

@Deskbot on auto-pilot

Sync a department in Zoho Desk with a channel of your choice, so @Deskbot can stream automated alerts on new customer requests, request updates, comments, and more. 

Put real-time collaboration at the top of your list

Create a channel in Cliq, so your team can keep track of customer requests, get firsthand information from support agents, and resolve issues faster. 

Context-driven engagement

Let @Deskbot search for details on a specific request. Simply start a conversation and send the request ID or email address of the customer who raised the request, and @Deskbot will pull up the information you need. 

Ask the @Deskbot

No more asking support agents to summarize a request's details in chat. @Deskbot can pitch into a conversation with the right data! 

Get details from Zoho Desk, whenever you need them

It all comes down to how easily you can access the details of a customer request while having a discussion. The /ticket command brings information about a request on demand. 

All your customer requests at easy access

Support agents can use quick menu actions in the @Deskbot to keep track of requests they're assigned and requests due for the day. 

Scale with stats

@Deskbot broadcasts request summaries from all your departments in Desk in the #desk channel.

Give credit where credit is due

Pull up information about top performers for the day, share customer ratings, and give them a pat on the back! 

Manage overdue requests

Monitor pending and unassigned requests and get a fuller view of your team's progress with the /pendingtickets command.