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Cliq Home

Home Screen

View offline chat notifications, upcoming event reminders, as well as new bots and commands from your home screen.

cliq homepage
cliq homepage


Send Message

To send a direct message, just click on the contact name and start typing in the text area.

Send Message

Collaborate Over Audio / Video Calls

Hop on a call or a video chat, to connect with your teammate anywhere and from any device.

Collaborate Over Audio / Video Calls

Screen Sharing

Share your screen and ideas, even when you're on an audio or video call! To share your screen, click on the Share Screen option in the chat header.

Screen Sharing

User & Group Mentions

@mentions a user in chat to notify them. You can also use @participants to address everyone in the group or @available to get the attention of all group participants who are currently available in Cliq.

User & Group Mentions

Fork From Here

Create a group chat with context by forking conversations. You can do this by hovering on any message in a conversation and clicking the Fork From Here option under Message Actions.

Fork From Here

Starred Messages

Bookmark important messages in a conversation by starring them category wise. Click on the star icon to view the list of all the starred messages!

Starred Messages

Pinned Conversations

Pin important chats for easy access. Hover over the chat name and click on the Pin Chat icon.

Pinned Conversations

Quick Create Menu

Use the quick create menu to perform an action. From creating a group chat, setting a reminder or hosting a video broadcast session, you can do it all!

Quick Create Menu

Secret Chat

Turn off chat history for conversations you don't want saved by clicking Actions above the text bar and choosing the Turn off history option.

secret chat
  • Send Message
  • Audio / Video Calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • User & Group Mentions
  • Fork From Here
  • Starred Messages
  • Pinned Conversations
  • Quick Create Menu
  • Secret Chat
Send MessageCollaborate Over Audio / Video CallsScreen SharingUser & Group MentionsFork From HereStarred MessagesPinned ConversationsQuick Create Menuglobal searchsecret chat


Add Contact

To add a contact, navigate to Contacts, and click the + icon next to Contacts in the left pane.

Add Contact

Send Contact Invite

Type their email address in the Invite Contact dialog box, send them a personalized message, and click Send Invites.

Send Contact Invite

Contact List

All mutual contacts will be listed under the Contacts section in your left pane.

contact list
  • Add Contact
  • Send Contact Invite
  • Contact List
Add ContactSend Contact Invitecontact list


Create a Channel

Create a channel by navigating to Channels and clicking on the + icon next to Channels in the Left Panel. Search and join existing channels from the channels section.

Create a Channel

Channel Participants

View channel participants and their roles by clicking on the number of participants under Channel name in your chat header.

Channel Participants

Participant Roles & Permissions

You can view and moderate permissions based on participant roles from the channel's info section.

  • Create a Channel
  • Channel Participants
  • Participant Roles & Permissions
Create a ChannelChannel Participantsparticipant Roles & Permissions

Video Collaboration

Host Broadcast Session

Cliq's video broadcasting feature helps remote teams collaborate better. Begin a session by clicking the Broadcast option and enabling camera and microphone access.

Host PrimeTime

The Broadcast Window

As the session host, you'll be addressing the audience. Attendees in the session will be listed at the bottom of the window.

The PrimeTime Window

Broadcast Chat

Once your Broadcast session begins, you can click the Chat icon in the top-right corner to access your chat in the same window.

PrimeTime Chat

Raise Hand

All attendees can use the raise hand option if they would like to join in as a co host. The host can decide to approve or decline a request.

Raise Hand

Co-host a Broadcast Session

When the host approves your request to speak, you will be joining in as the co host.

Co host a PrimeTime
  • Host Broadcast Session
  • The Broadcast Window
  • Broadcast Chat
  • Raise Hand
  • Co-host a Broadcast Session
Host PrimeTimeThe PrimeTime WindowPrimeTime ChatRaise HandCo host a PrimeTime


Set a Reminder

You can add a reminder for yourself, teammates, a group conversation or a channel.

set reminder

My Reminders

View reminders assigned to you, by yourself or your teammates under the My Reminders section.

my reminder

Assigned Reminders

Reminders that you've assigned to teammates, group conversations, or channels will be listed here.

assigned reminders

Reminder Notification

@Taz notifies you of due reminders. You can either mark it as complete or snooze the reminder.

reminders notification
  • Set a Reminder
  • My Reminders
  • Assigned Reminders
  • Reminder Notification
set remindermy reminderassigned remindersreminders notification

Event Management

Create Event

To create an event, click the Calendar Events icon in the top-right corner and select Create Event.

create event

Zia in Events

Zia is Zoho's intelligent assistant; use it to automate event reminders. Just select the Include Zia in your Event option.

zia in events

Smart Suggestions

Cliq identifies the message context and provides you suggestions to follow-up! You can either create an event or add a reminder using smart suggestions.

smart events
  • Create Event
  • Zia in Events
  • Smart Suggestions
create eventzia in eventssmart events


Bots to Subscribe

Bots in Cliq are conversational assistants that can be involved in a conversation, asked to perform a task, or bring alerts. Subscribe to available bots by clicking on the + icon next to Bots in the left pane.

bolt list

View all Bots

Click on your profile, then select Bots & Tools and choose Bots. From here you can view all the bots in your organization or create new ones.

view all boats

Bot Configurations

To create a bot, get started by adding the bot's name, description, access level, display image and status.

bot configuration
  • Bots to Subscribe
  • View all Bots
  • Bot Configurations
bolt listview all boatsbot configuration

Slash Commands

Using a Command

Slash commands are shortcuts you can use to perform quick actions. Simply typing / in the chat window will pull the list of commands available for you to use.

using a command

All Slash Commands

Click on your profile, then select Bots & Tools and choose Commands. From here you can view and create slash commands.

all slash commands

Create Command

Create and configure a command by giving the command a name, a description, a display image, and other information.

create command
  • Using a Command
  • All Slash Commands
  • Create Command
using a commandall slash commandscreate command


All Extensions

View all available and installed extensions by clicking on the Extensions icon in the top-right corner. Zoho Marketplace gives you a list of available extensions. From the Installed section, you can update and disable installed extensions.

all extension

Create Extension

You can create your own extension and publish it in the marketplace. Select the My Extensions option under Bots & Tools to create your own extension and publish.

create extension
  • All Extensions
  • Create Extension
all extensioncreate extension

Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard

The dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of all the sections that you can use to set up and configure Cliq for your organization.

admin dashboard

Add Users

Manage all your user records —view, update and export existing user details, or import new records— from one central location.

add users

Create Teams

Create teams, categorize them into departments in Cliq to reflect your organizational layout.

create teams

Manage Modules

Choose from a list of modules we've laid out and tailor-make Cliq to suit your needs.

manage module

Set Custom Domain

Make Cliq accessible within your company by setting up a custom domain.

set custom domain

Create User Roles

Configure roles for users based on your organizational hierarchy.

create user roles

Set Permissions for User Roles

Set permissions for user roles. Selectively decide who gets to access and perform module actions.

set permission for user roles
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Add Users
  • Create Teams
  • Manage Modules
  • Set Custom Domain
  • Create User Roles
  • Set Permissions for User Roles
admin dashboardadd userscreate teamsmanage moduleset custom domaincreate user rolesset permission for user roles