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Sneak a poll into conversations

To and fro conversations to get an Espresso machine in your floor? Then just drop in a poll to arrive at the perfect decision.

Be it 5 or 5000, the bot's got your back

Big or small you can run public polls for your entire organization, notify everyone and rake in feedback and answers.

Be anonymous

Don't worry, your boss will never know!

Get honest votes and encourage participation through anonymous polls. The Poll Bot can be quite secretive.

All your polls at one place

Polls you’ve authored and took part in can be easily accessed anytime for further actions—the Poll Bot never forgets.

Poll with reactions

Poll 'em with Reactions

You can also do a quick poll with just chat messages by using Reactions to get instant, expressive and fun answers.

In transit or chilling out in lounge, run polls wherever you are

Get your answers from anywhere on Cliq—Mobile and Desktop apps.

Ask really big questionsAsk really big questionsMobile

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