Keep everyone in the loop

Customize and embed your calendar publicly on webpages, allow people to view your scheduled activities, and share your calendar with people. Better yet, turn on the private mode and share calendars with specific people or groups.

Handpick what goes online

Take control of your calendar. Personalize the look of your calendar by choosing from a range of predefined templates; edit the title and adjust the width and height of your embedded calendar before it goes live.

Show how your team works best

Create Group Calendars and embed them on the web to give the world a taste of your team's timeline.

Share behind closed doors

While convenient, sharing a calendar publicly comes with added privacy risks. Give a colleague or a group permission to view a private calendar. Use your calendar's private address to share it with a dedicated group of people and send them updates about your upcoming plans.

Set limitations when needed

Stop people from accessing a shared private calendar by resetting that calendar's private URL. This way you can avoid data leaks and prevent people from getting a hold of your private information. 

Quick sharing across platforms

No matter which platform someone uses, you can still authorize them to view your calendar details. Using the iCal URL and HTML URL, you can share the calendar with people using distinct platforms and keep them updated.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the different ways to share your calendar?

    Public sharing - Public sharing helps when you need to share your calendar across a wider group. You can restrict others from accessing your calendar information to View only Free/Busy information or View event details. Others cannot make changes or edit events in a public calendar. Learn more about sharing your calendar publicly here.

    Organization sharing - When you enable org sharing for a particular personal calendar, the shared personal calendar will be available for your org members. The members can subscribe to this calendar and it will be added to their list. Learn more about sharing your calendar with org members here.

    Private sharing - If you want to share your calendar only with specific people or groups, you can enable the private sharing feature in Zoho Calendar. Learn more about sharing your calendar privately here

    Sharing with individuals or groups - Share your calendars privately with your colleague or any group having a Zoho account by just entering the name of your colleague or the name of the group. You can also choose from access permissions when sharing your calendar. Learn more about sharing with individuals/groups here

  • Is embedding calendar in website free?

    Yes, you can embed a Zoho calendar in your website for free. If you have a requirement to include your calendar in your blog or your webpage, you can fetch the embed code of the calendars owned by you on Zoho Calendar. This embed code can be integrated with your website's HTML code and the calendar will be added to your website. You can also embed your Zoho Calendar to your blogs if required. Learn more

  • Do we get an appointment scheduler for free?

    Yes, you can use Zoho Calendar as an appointment scheduler for free. You can make use of the Schedule Appointment option in Zoho Calendar if you would want to schedule meetings with various people. The Schedule Appointment feature helps you share your appointment request form with the public, so that people can fill out the form to request an appointment with you. Learn more

  • Can a group calendar be embedded?

    Yes, you can embed group calendars in your website. If you have a requirement to include your calendar in your blog or your webpage, you can fetch the embed code of the calendars owned by you on Zoho Calendar. 

  • Can I share a calendar via a URL?

    Yes, you can share a Zoho Calendar via its URL. Every calendar added on Zoho Calendar under My Calendars is assigned with a unique calendar URL. If you have made your calendar public, then a public address is generated for the calendar in both iCal and HTML format. Learn more

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