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It's the most exciting time of the year and Zoho Inventory is here to help you fly past your sales targets. Start your full-featured 14-day free trial today.

Inventory management - Zoho Inventory Inventory management - Zoho Inventory Inventory management - Zoho Inventory
Inventory management - Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory helps you stand out this holiday season

Look beyond your retail stores and adapt to the latest holiday ecommerce trends. Zoho Inventory helps you manage all of your ecommerce stores from a single place.

Multichannel sales

Expand your business by integrating with ecommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, and marketplaces like Shopify. Automatically update stock levels and fetch sales orders for all of your channels in one place. Measure sales channel performance and sell in multiple currencies globally without conversion hassles.

Mobile apps

Zoho Inventory's mobile app for Android & iOS helps you close deals and manage your business wherever you are. Keep track of your packages and stay up to date on your inventory in real time. Improve your efficiency by recording payments from customers from your tablet or smartphone.

Effortless order fulfillment

Zoho Inventory integrates with more than 40 popular shipping carriers across the world. Receive sales orders from multiple sales channels and ship them to customers without switching tabs. Find shipping rates, generate shipping labels, and send real-time updates on shipments.

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