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  • Mileage reimbursmeent
    What is mileage reimbursement?

    In many careers, business travel is important and is often a requirement. To ease the burden, some organizations provide employees with company vehicles (which can be an expensive perk), or reimburse a set amount for every mile employees drive in their own vehicles. The latter is called mileage reimbursement, and it…

    6 mins read
  • What is an invoice number?
    What is an invoice number? | Zoho Invoice

    The importance of keeping your financial documents organized can't be overstated. As a business owner, you probably already know that a well-organized invoice system will not only help you with payment collection but also help you keep track of your finances and simplify your auditing and tax filing processes. But…

    6 mins read
  • How to handle overdue invoices?
    How to handle overdue invoices?

    Your business managed to land a good number of clients this month, and the sales figures look promising. You’ve completed your work items, delivered them on time, sent the invoices, and sighed in relief with a sense of achievement. Everything looks great on paper. But when the payment deadline flies by…

    6 mins read
  • Business travel insurance
    The complete guide to business travel insurance

    Mr. Klein does not hit ‘snooze’ on his alarm this morning. It’s time to pack his bags and head to a much-awaited international trade conference that had been postponed for two years due to the pandemic. As he grabs a cup of coffee on his way to the airport, he…

    6 mins read
  • Control expense fraud
    How to control expense fraud in a hybrid work environment

    Previously, we discussed fraud detection and management in a hybrid working environment. We dove deep into expense fraud and spend violations during remote work and explained the different types of prevalent expense fraud. This article will walk you through the different tactics your finance team can employ to control fraud risks…

    3 mins read
  • Identify expense fraud
    Identifying expense fraud in a hybrid work environment

    The significant reduction in travel and expense (T&E) spend due to global travel restrictions has led CFOs and finance teams to expect minimal expense fraud. Fewer business trips and fewer expense reports equal fewer fraudulent claims—right? Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case. Recent research has concluded that there has been a 292%…

    4 mins read
  • What is auditing
    What is an audit?

    Coined from the Latin word 'audire,' the term audit refers to the process of examining and evaluating your business's financial statements. During an audit, an auditor checks if the business's financial statements are up to date and devoid of any errors. A clean record reflects that your business is in…

    5 mins read
  • Zoho Inventory content
    What is Headless Commerce?

    The ever-changing ecommerce landscape has arrived at yet another turning point—headless commerce. This emerging term is doing rounds across the ecommerce world, and it is the outcome of consumer behavior and expectations evolving at an alarming pace. Businesses need to deliver exceptional experiences consistently while also ensuring that they stay in…

    3 mins read