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Zoho Creator is a full-stack low-code platform that can build applications for any business task. Designed for speed, agility, and adaptability, Zoho Creator is a powerful tool to deliver new applications to keep up with or disrupt markets.

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Build applications for all your disruptive projects

Online office

Equip your team for the new ways businesses operate.


Microapp development

Create purpose-built applications to solve unique business problems.

Legacy modernization

Integrate powerful capabilities into your existing systems and applications.


Business process automation

Boost productivity by automating manual processes and slashing turnaround times.

Place customer experience at the heart of your strategy

customer experience

Innovate together

Digital transformation is an enterprise-wide effort, and a lot of customer knowledge is tied to your employees. Incorporate this knowledge to create apps that provide next-level customer experiences.

customer experience

Broaden your business reach

Your customers aren’t chained to their desks anymore—they’re out and about doing business. Create omnichannel customer experiences to serve modern users.

customer experience

Improve supply chains and distribution

Connect all your applications across the supply chain for a more efficient information flow. Predict customer behavior and plan production better with AI.

Competitive features, right out of the box

Creator comes packed with a wealth of prebuilt components for core app functions, and they can be reused as often as needed to develop different solutions more quickly.

  • Multidevice apps
  • AI-driven insights
  • Personalized portals
  • Future-proof stack
  • Analytics
  • Continuous innovation
  • High scalability
  • One-click deployment
  • Robust integrations

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The platform for doers

Stop thinking and start building

In a single day, I was able to log in, get acquainted with the platform, and develop a complete prototype of a self-service application for our rented fleet customers.

César ViteriCésar Viteri, CIO, Air Rail

Keep improving

From being the backbone of our business to being a testing ground where we could try out and deliver new features for our customers, Zoho Creator has everything built in.

Nikhil PandeyNikhil Pandey, Product Manager, CREDR

No DevOps required

Zoho Creator allows us to switch off our systems here on a Friday evening and then switch them on in our new hospital on the following Monday without any ICT infrastructure needs.

Nikhil PandeyDr. Luke Feeney, Director, NMH

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of digital transformation?

The purpose of digital transformation is to:

  • Deliver mobile, convenient and engaging customer experiences
  • Improve productivity of internal processes and keep them streamlined
  • Stay agile under dynamic market conditions

What is digital transformation?

Technology has changed how people communicate, work, and shop. Digital transformation is the process of adapting to these changes in customer expectations and industry disruptions by integrating technology into business.

Why do companies need digital transformation?

With mobile and social media, customers now expect companies to respond to them intuitively, wherever they go. For example, they expect to place an order when and where it’s most convenient for them, and then to receive their products through the channel of their choice. When it comes to such speed and efficiency, companies that have undergone digital transformation create customer engagement across channels, seize new market opportunities, and fuel business growth, thus outperforming their peers in the industry.