Designing creative cloud-based technology.

Cognent is a full service digital managed services company which provides its clients with creative cloud-based solutions.

Martín Paredes, the founder of Cognent, has been involved in the Internet industry since 1995, when the Internet was nothing more than a fad. Since then, Cognent has developed a time-tested paradigm in audience engagement through digital media platforms. The paradigm is based on the strategic single-source, one-stop agency that creates content, develops and deploys digital platforms, and promotes your message across all online channels.


  1. Cognent was looking for a way to simplify enterprise cloud management while maintaining substantial creativity.
  2. It also needed a way to deploy solutions remotely without hiring much more technical support staff.

"As a cloud services provider, we normally provide client support by troubleshooting our hosted solutions. Zoho Assist allowed us to have access to multiple channels without much investment in time and other resources." Martín Paredes,Managing Partner,Cognent .


After being discontented by the services provided by other remote support software, Cognent finally chose Zoho Assist as their remote support and access solution. Zoho Assist allows Cognent to fill a void in their troubleshooting tools by giving them the ability to remotely access a client's system to learn whether a specific connected device is the source of a reported problem.

As a custom app developer, Cognent encountered an issue that was isolated to one specific user. Using Zoho Assist, they were able to trace the issue directly to a malware infection on the customer's desktop that was interfering with their apps' ability to pull data from the database. Cognent recognized that without remote access into the customers' system, they wouldn't have found the reason their app was generating strange results. Even though this was an isolated incident, this helped their developers understand more about their apps' functionality on a practical basis and thereby helped them make it more efficient.

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