Zoho Assist helps OnePlus enhance remote support service.

OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as OnePlus, is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer officially serving 34 countries as of 2018. OnePlus entered the top five brands for the first time in the global premium smartphone segment in 2018. According to Counterpoint Research’s latest analysis on the Indian smartphone market, premium smartphone (>INR 30,000/US$400) shipments from OnePlus reached an all-time third-quarter peak during Q3 2018.

The company's main goal is to design a smartphone that would counterbalance high-end quality with a lower price than other phones in its class, believing that users would never settle for a cheaper product.


OnePlus predominantly markets its products online. A huge chunk of its customer base is overseas. Thus the company largely depends on the remote support team, who are responsible for post-sales services. With a considerable proportion of customers spread around the world, the company requires a reliable remote diagnostic tool to diagnose and resolve issues at the remote user end.

“Zoho Assist can be operated remotely in real time, and it makes it easy to offer support services for customers without installing a client. It is a good assistant for sharing screens and remotely diagnosing problems.”OnePlus

Earlier, the company used a bunch of remote diagnostic software, which were later found to be unstable. OnePlus tried out multiple remote support tools available online, but none of them were in line with their organizational expectations. These remote tools often had connectivity issues, which was frustrating for the company's customers at the remote user end. As a result, OnePlus needed a hassle-free remote support tool that’s both easy to use and easy on the wallet.


OnePlus was searching for a suitable remote software as a service to suit their expectations, and finally ended up finding Zoho Assist online. Impressed by our instant support service, they decided to adopt Zoho Assist for their remote diagnostic services. After using Zoho Assist for a brief period, OnePlus found Zoho Assist to be simple and cost effective. OnePlus was won over permanently by Zoho Assist’s features like mobile phone access, screen recording, and multiple technician support, as well as third party software integrations available via free APIs.


OnePlus uses Zoho Assist extensively to provide remote support to its users around the globe. OnePlus’s technical support experts use Zoho Assist to establish access with customers' remote devices and remotely diagnose their problems. They use the remote tool feature to understand and solve the issue at the remote end, so Zoho Assist helps OnePlus in resolving customers' problems while substantially reducing the incident resolution time.

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